The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Vlog

Behind the scenes featurette focuses on the epic’s 3D format.

Director Peter Jackson has posted his latest video blog entry for The Hobbit, which takes fans behind the scenes of his two-part epic and focuses on the film’s use of 3D.

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The Ultimate FPS Simulator

Behold, the FPS simulator of our dreams.

Courtesy of The Gadget Show, the combination of multiple technologies are used to create probably one of the best real life simulations I’ve ever seen.

Check it out below!

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Double XP This Weekend, Get MW3 Prestige Tokens

Black Ops and MW2 gamers will receive Double XP this weekend, starting Friday, October 28 from 10.00am PST until Tuesday, November 1 at 10.00am PST.

As well, players will unlock a Prestige Token for Modern Warfare 3 for every COD game prestiged ever since the original Modern Warfare.

As Activision explains: “Every time you prestige in MW3, you’ll receive a prestige token. Use it to unlock rewards like double XP for a limited time, an extra custom class, or choose one piece of gear from your custom class to keep unlocked from rank 1 of future prestiges.”

As being a bonus, everybody who’s prestiged in MW1 and MW2, World at War and Black Ops will receive bonus tokens immediately at the MW3 launch, letting them start unlocking items instantly before all others.

So if you’ve ever prestiged in Call Of Duty 4, World At War, Modern Warfare 2, Or Black Ops, you’ll receive a prestige token for each game on day 1.

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